The Source Of Bad Breath And Solutions

bad breath

Is there anybody out there who doesn’t worry about bad breath? Keeping the odor in our mouths under control is a constant struggle that will never go away. Luckily there are ways you can come out on top and we’ll be discussing those as we look at the source of bad breath and solutions to getting rid of it.

What Is The Source Of Bad Breath?

There are three main sources of bad breath. The first is linked to the kind of foods you eat and the beverages you drink. Eating onions and garlic or going on a low-carb diet such as the Paleo or Atkins diet will definitely lead to bad breath.

The second source is simply not taking care of your mouth. According to experts poor oral hygiene is the no. 1 reason for bad breath. Not brushing and cleaning below the gum line in addition to the back of the tongue where a lot of bacteria can build up ultimately turns into a foul smelling odor.

Last but not least, it has been estimated that 10% of people with bad breath suffer from a more serious health condition. Now that we’ve established the sources let’s move on to how it can be treated.

Bad Breath And Solutions

The key to treating bad breath is by finding the source. If it’s a medical condition then consulting a doctor is the only way you will be able to effectively treat your problem. But for those who need to pay attention to their oral health habits, there are some solutions.

The most obvious step is to brush after every meal. We’ve heard this so many times we tend to forget how effective it can be against bad breath. It’s also a good idea to pay attention when you’re brushing. Don’t just go through the motions. Instead, make sure you don’t miss any spots on your teeth or gums.

You can opt for an ultrasonic brush, because they work pretty well. But ultimately you can’t beat flossing after you brush in terms of getting below the gum line and reaching areas between the teeth.

If you brush your tongue then great, but if you can get hold of a tongue scraper or brush with a scraper at the back then it’s much better. A tongue scraper removes a lot more bacteria

Water is also a great way to keep bad breath at bay. When we don’t consume enough water during the day the flow of saliva scales down, in turn making our breath more concentrated. Drinking more water has many benefits other than keeping your breath in check.

For people who love red wine this solution is fantastic. One glass a night is great for overall health, but it also curbs bacteria buildup in your mouth. It is recommended to wash your mouth after drinking the wine if you want to prevent staining.

Sugarless gum is another easy alternative to keeping your teeth clean. More specifically, it helps to remove food particles that might still be stuck between your teeth.

Not everyone might be keen about this next suggestion, but replacing a couple of coffee breaks for green or black tea is very effective. Just like red wine, it deters bacteria from growing.

You can even consider adding a probiotic supplement to your diet, seeing as it fights the candida yeast that can typically be found on the tongue.


If these suggestions regarding bad breath and solutions aren’t showing results then it’s time to go and see a doctor, because you might be suffering from something more serious.

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