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Root Canal

The root canal is a dental treatment that is done when the nerve of a tooth gets an infection to the point that the pulp of the tooth becomes damaged. The pulp is the central part of the tooth itself which contains the nerves and blood vessels that give sensation to the teeth and nourish the tooth.

It is when the pulp gets infected, that the problems begin. Sometimes antibiotics can be given by the dentist that will ward off the infection and bring things back to normal. However, if left untreated, an abscess can form which will cause pus and debris to accumulate in the pulp area, and eventually the pulp, and thus the tooth will die. The pulp is then damaged beyond repair and the abscess can spread beyond the tooth itself into the surrounding soft tissue, the bone and even to other parts of the body. In severe cases it can affect the brain and the heart.

This is where the root canal dental procedure comes in as the dentist is the only professional who is highly trained to perform this procedure. Most people feel that a root canal procedure is extremely painful, but in reality due to modern pain mitigation techniques, the pain is no higher than getting a cavity filled.

The procedure to correct the situation of the infected pulp begins by the dentist drilling a hole down through the tooth to the pulp to drain out the infection and the pus that has accumulated from the infection. The nerve of the tooth is really not that necessary for the tooth to remain intact after it has emerged from the gum to take its place in the mouth.

The pulp of the tooth actually serves as a warning system for the tooth, but when an infection is just beginning and is new, there may not be much sensitivity so the individual will not feel much in the way of pain or pressure from the tooth. But as more infection occurs and the more dentin that gets exposed and touched by the infection, then the sensitivity can get quite painful. The tooth will become sensitive to hot and cold food, as well as the pressure of chewing.

The restorative procedure does involve the drilling out of the tooth in order to allow drainage to occur of the pus and infection. The nerve and the pulp is then removed from the inside of the tooth, and the inner core is then packed with a medicated wick, just to kill any bacteria that might be lingering in that area. This wick is left intact for a few days and then removed.

The pulp is removed as it is usually damaged beyond repair and it will just impede healing and could become reinfected. It is important to drain the infection out of the tooth externally because if it begins to drain into the jaw or skin, it may spread to other areas of the neck, face or head areas.

Once the inner tooth is drained, it must be sealed with a sealing paste and a rubber compound in which both substances are placed in to the canal of the root of the tooth, and then the exterior of the tooth is filled a regular filling is placed.

There may be further restorative work that will need to be done, because many times the tooth may be compromised in other ares, so a crown or a crown and post may be required in order to protect the tooth from further problems. Once the procedure is completed, then the tooth normally serve the individual normally for a long time to come.

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