Know How Sedation Dentistry Works for Your Comfortable Dental Visit written by: Webard

In order to know how sedation dentistry works you should first of all understand the concept briefly. Most of the people get scared of the procedures adopted by the dentists while treating their dental problems. Sedation dentistry is adopted by most of the dental service providers, all over the world, to make their dental visit relaxing and more comfortable. During this procedure they will be able to see, hear and react for the actions of their dentist near them but still their fear and anxiety will be reduced considerably. Brief information of the ways through which sedation dentistry works will help you in understanding the concept more precisely. Sedation dentistry is adopted in three ways including:

Oral sedation dentistry Inhalation sedation dentistry IV or intravenous sedation dentistry

How Sedation Dentistry Works through Oral Sedation

Your dentist is the best person to choose the type of sedation suitable to you to make your dental visit relaxed and comfortable. Oral sedation is the best for you as it can be administered easily by swallowing a small pill only. This process is most suitable for most of the dental patients. But the level of sedation through this method can not be changed easily, if required. Moreover you will need the help of some third person to drive you to and from the dental clinic after this sedation procedure.

The working of oral sedation starts with the swallowing of the pill, prescribed by your dentist, one hour before your scheduled visit to the dental clinic. Though you will need someone to drive you to the dental clinic but will feel relaxed and drowsy awaken during the dental procedures. You may need local anesthetics to relive your pain during dental procedure as this sedation can not control it. It will numb your mouth and you will not feel any pain even if you are completely awake, feel relaxed, free from stress and comfortable. You have to be driven back by your friend or family as you should avoid driving after receiving oral sedation for at least next 24 hours.

How Sedation Dentistry Works through Inhalation Sedation

Inhalation sedation is another method used by most of the dentists to make your dental visit comfortable if you are prone to mild to moderate anxiety at such moments. It involves the inhalation of nitrous oxide and oxygen which works rapidly to relax you. it can keep you stress free for any length of time needed for treatment. You do not need the support of any third person to drive you to and from dental clinic as you can return to normal condition immediately after the procedures. But people with respiratory problems or pregnant women in their first trimester should avoid using this sedation method.

A mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen is used since long during dentistry procedures to relax the patients effectively. The mixture is delivered through a small mask put on your nose by the dentist in his treatment area. You are made to return to normal condition by turning of the supply of nitrous oxide and comforting you on oxygen for some time. In this sedation procedure you will faintly remember the dental procedure after awaking to normal condition but you can do all your works, like driving back to your home, just after your treatment.

How Sedation Dentistry Works through IV or Intravenous Sedation

In IV or intravenous dental sedation method medication is injected into patient’s body through his inner elbow or back of hand. This process is opted by most of the dental patients due to its rapid effects. Dentists use this procedure after evaluating the medical history of the patient. Like other sedation methods it makes you comfortable and stress free during dental procedures even if you are not easy with them. It relaxes you completely as you may not feel the smell, sound or sights at the treatment area but keeps you conscious enough to respond the queries of your dentist. Though you may not even remember your dental procedures on the next very day after IV dental sedation but the level of sedation can be controlled by your dentist as per the situation.

Thus the information given here above can help you to know how sedation dentistry works effectively during dental procedures.