All About Tooth Colored Fillings

tooth colored fillings

Why get tooth colored fillings? Hate silver ones?! One of the most common problems when it comes to teeth is of course, cavities. Most people at some point in their lives will get a cavity and as a result, will need to visit a dentist to get it cleaned and filled. It is absolutely critical that you see a dentist as soon as you feel or notice a cavity since this condition will rapidly decay your tooth over time. In many cases, if a tooth with a cavity is left to its own devices, severe pain will occur and a root canal or extraction will need to be done. In severe cases, an abscess could form, which is even more painful and dangerous to your health. So, the main lesson here, is that as soon as you find or think you have a cavity, you should visit your dentist so that your tooth can be restored using tooth colored fillings.

In earlier times, tooth colored fillings did not exist and the fillings were typically made from metals such as gold or silver amalgam. Of course, you can still get metallic fillings since it is a matter of preference, however, most people prefer to get fillings that mimic the same color of their original teeth. This ensures that the actual filling is difficult, if not impossible to notice.

It is interesting to note that the quality and strength of tooth colored or white fillings have drastically improved over time. White fillings are now much stronger and have better bonding capabilities without the need for etching. As a matter of fact, white fillings are now as strong as the metal type fillings that were once so popular and widely used. As a result, these white colored fillings can even be used in molars where these teeth undergo a lot of daily stress and use due to chewing.

There are many reasons why you should use these natural colored tooth fillings as oppose to the other materials available. One of the main advantages is that natural fillings will help you to maintain a very aesthetic and pleasing smile. A person’s smile is extremely important in both the business sphere and personal life. A smile that does not reveal imperfections through the use of natural colored fillings can go a long way in helping your success in all your business dealings. Also, since metal fillings are so noticeable, there is a chance that they can skew your chances when it comes to success in your personal life as well.

Another interesting point is that metal amalgam fillings are not directly bonded to the tooth when they are used. These type of fillings are only held into place due to the mechanics of how the dentist places the mixture into the tooth. There is no bonding material that is used between the metal filling and the tooth. However, when it comes to white or natural colored fillings, there is a direct bond between the filling and tooth. This actually helps to strengthen and restore the natural strength of the tooth due to the fact that less tooth reduction needs to be done for the filling.

In addition to this, the structure and way in which white colored fillings are placed, it makes the tooth much stronger and resilient than if metal fillings were used. This means that you can enjoy healthy teeth that are less prone to fracture and you will get more value for your money since the tooth and filling will have a longer natural life.

In closing, when it comes to fillings, tooth colored fillings are simply the best choice. They succeed on almost all fronts and will ensure you have a winning smile.

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